Reviews of Tim & Tom

A beautiful and beautifully told story of two men of character in a tough and unforgiving business who broke barriers with laughter. Scott Simon, National Public Radio (hear more)

Lively and sometimes shocking...The book is terrific. Rick Kogan, Chicago Tribune (read more)

Tim Reid became an actor, producer and director. You'll remember him as Venus Flytrap on "WKRP in Cincinnati." Tom Dreesen became a successful stand-up comic. But before they hit it big, they hit the bricks as quite possibly America's only black-and-white comedy team. Ron Rapoport weaves together often-funny and just-as-often-painful stories in a terrific look at friendship, perseverance and a country that should have been more ready for them than it was. Neal Rubin, The Detroit News

Fascinating...A book that's filled with funny, poignant and heartbreaking stories. Dennis McCarthy, Los Angeles Daily News (read more)

A compelling account about the devastating and triumphant professional and personal tales of two men...a very candid look into the showbiz life. The good, the bad and the extremely ugly tales are all told in unflinching detail...a real page-turner.a story of friendship, choices and making priorities...a sobering but still-amusing (there are numerous laugh-out-loud moments) "Tears of a Clown"-type story that will make readers wonder what the entertainment industry might look like today had Tim and Tom made it to the big leagues. Demetria Irwin, The New York Amsterdam News (read more)

The highly readable Tim & Tom at times offers a laugh out loud account of two comedians who crack up at life's perplexing incongruities and perverse truths, while at other times it provides a sobering view of America as the Civil Rights Movement goes into high gear. Kay Bourne, Edge Boston (read more)

Reid and Dreesen's autobiography is vividly told (with assistance from Ron Rapoport), and puts the reader in the smoky night clubs surrounded by the dregs of society and in the Tonight Show audience laughing it up with Hollywood's showbiz elite. This American comedy is truly a tale that needs to be told. Erika Whitfield, The Trades (read more)

I have known Tim Reid and Tom Dreesen as comedians and friends since 1975, but I never knew Tim and Tom, the comedy team. This book is four compelling stories in one compilation: One story about Tim Reid, sad, fascinating and uplifting. One story about Tom Dreesen, a man consumed by a goal and a great witness to a bygone era of show business that one can't help but long for. A third story about seeking recognition in the world of entertainment. And finally, a story about race and culture in a country that should have been farther down the road to tolerance, understanding, and human kindness than it was in the 1970s. Tim and Tom is a great story, the best kind of story, well told, about two men struggling to prove themselves. David Letterman

Part showbiz survival 101, part civil rights testimony, the story of Tim and Tom is a moving chronicle of the courage, conviction and commitment it took to wade through floods of bigotry and bias with bell-bottoms. Although racism is no laughing matter, Tim and Tom proved that a little humanity and humor can go a long way to reminding us that people are more alike than they are different. Tavis Smiley

(An) eye-opening dual biography of the first and only interracial American comedy team...A heartfelt memoir and a nice capsule history of growing up different, fighting the odds, and becoming successful on one's own terms, this is recommended for all libraries. Library Journal

Tim Reid and Tom Dreesen are my close friends for whom I've always had the greatest respect, and after reading the book I realize why. A white boy who was one of eight children raised on the south side of Chicago and a 'Brotha' who is an only child raised in Norfolk, Virginia, somehow get together and become America's first black and white comedy team? The year 2008? No, sir - 1969. Adversity, Disagreements, Pain, Love, Friendship, Brotherhood. It's all there. I couldn't put the book down. Smokey Robinson

The story of these remarkable entertainers' Hollywood beginnings is a fabulous and funny read. Tim and Tom is not to be missed. Someone once said, 'Laughter is jogging for the insides.' So this book will not only make you happy--you'll be healthier, too. Nikki Giovanni

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